Productive Morning of Shopping

I love being thrifty.  I suppose that I get my “thriftiness” from my mother’s side of the family, and while I don’t clip coupons like she did, I do get excited every time that I find a good deal.  Paying less for everything from some new groomers aprons to getting some fresh vegetables at half price puts a smile on my face and in many ways I make a game of it.

I always try to get as much as I can for every dollar that I spend.

I know that some of you skeptics out there will argue that my time is wasted while I hunt for these deals, but I look at it as an investment: the more I look, the more I save, and the more that I will have tucked away for a rainy day.

It just makes good financial sense to me.

This morning was one of those productive days where I came home with a number of deals tucked away safely in my reusable shopping bags.  I only visited a handful of stores and was able to bring home some steak for supper, some new clothes and even a baby outfit for my good friend Jill.

I couldn’t help but smile – I still had money in my wallet.

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Marc Norris

Marc Norris is a father of four kids, Mayor of the Conquest, Saskatchewan and an entrepreneur. He also writes about business on his Canadian Business Opportunity blog as well as his personal blog

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