Last Minute Birthday Gift

With my girlfriend’s birthday coming up this weekend, I was in a bit of a panic since I had not picked out a gift for her yet.  Yes, I procrastinate on just about everything in life, and Susan’s birthday is one of those things that I will pay a big price for if I don’t get her something.

Truth be told, I am not the best boyfriend, let alone marriage material.

But it isn’t too late.  I have a few days left and I even have an idea as to what to get her since I have been listening intently to everything that she has been saying for the last few weeks.  If I had not listened to her, I would have had no idea what to buy.

Thank goodness I listened for a change. (yes, that is not my usual behavior either)

Through our many conversations, she mentioned that there were some groomers accessories that she wanted at home so that she could groom her little poodle.  Through our chats she even pointed me in the right direction as to where I could get them, and I am going to order them right after I’m done this post.

She will be surprised when she opens her gift – I bet she won’t believe that I have been paying attention to her.

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Marc Norris

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