I Had a Little Problem with my Barbeque

I have been careful most of my life.  I suppose that it is the result of my parent’s teaching me to watch out for possible problems before they happened.  Being able to see the outcomes of my actions has helped me to avoid many pitfalls that I would have otherwise stumbled into.

But I am not perfect.

In fact, last Sunday was a prime example of what happens when things go wrong.  I was out on my deck making supper on the barbeque and the phone rang.  I went into the house, finished my phone call and ate supper.

I forgot about the BBQ.

Big mistake.

When I finally came to my senses and realized that I had left it on, the damage had been done – my siding had melted.

It was the worst feeling I have had in a long time – I couldn’t believe that I didn’t see that coming.

I decided that I needed to find some siding contractors Plymouth Michigan that could come and fix it right away.  I started at the address that I could find that was closest to my home (51225 West Hills Drive, Plymouth, MI 48170), and they were happy to come out and help.

In fact, they came out the next day and fixed my siding.

I will have to pay more attention the next time I decided to barbeque.

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Marc Norris

Marc Norris is a father of four kids, Mayor of the Conquest, Saskatchewan and an entrepreneur. He also writes about business on his Canadian Business Opportunity blog as well as his personal blog MarcNorris.com.

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