Helping my Uncle with his Mold Problem

I often worry about getting older.  There seems to come a point where you can handle all that life throws your way and many people try to sweep their problems under the rug which often results in them coming to haunt them sometime in the future.  I have seen this phenomenon a number of times now and I hope that I learn from the mistakes that the people I know make.

Let me use my uncle as an example.

I was out to his home this week in Los Angeles.  When I walked in the door I couldn’t help but notice a musty smell in his home.  I’m a little sensitive to mold, so I decided to ask him if he had any mold or water problems.  While he didn’t confess to any issues, I asked his permission to investigate further.  He gave me the go-ahead, so I decided to explore his house from top to bottom looking for any problems.

There was just one big one.

You see, it looked like he tried to shutoff his main water tap at some point but it started to leak.

It leaked a lot.

In fact, there was mold throughout his basement and it looked like the one thing he didn’t deal with had become a big issue.

Thankfully I was there to help.

We contacted a company that specialized in mold remediation Los Angeles and made an appointment for them to come out and deal with the problem.  They were happy to fit us in and I am hoping that they will get things all fixed up for my uncle shortly.

I am just happy I was there to help him out.

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Marc Norris

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