Driving my Nephew to Work Today

IMG20170206WA0001There are not a lot of opportunities to spend time with your grown up nieces and nephews, so I jump at whatever ones I can get.  Today would be the perfect example.

Jaxon has been working as a tech doing Water Damage Restoration Calabasas for the last couple of years and he loves it.  Instead of going to college right after high school, he decided that he would work for a year and that was a little more than two years ago now.  He loves what he does, and I think that he will make a career at it.

Anyway, today I had the opportunity to drive him to his work site as his car was in the garage.  I’ve only driven him a handful of times, but since his parents are out of town on holidays, I was able to step up and help him out.

I really liked it.

We had a good talk on the way over, and I loved getting to see the project he was working on – they were restoring a house that had suffered water damage.  I had no idea what kind of trouble water could cause, and seeing it first hand really made me appreciate how lucky I have been in my life in terms of water issues.

I will be driving him to work tomorrow – it is nice that we have been able to spend some time together as it has been a long time.

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Marc Norris

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