A Little Baseball Accident

One of the things that I always believed growing up was that when I was an adult my life would be easier.  You see, as a kid I tended to have “accidents” more often than I would have liked.  No, I’m not talking about wetting the bed or something along those lines, but instead I struggled with breaking things while playing.  Some of the things that didn’t survive my childhood were my parents windshield, our swimming pool and my grandmother’s favorite vase.  Try as I might, I was destined to break something just about everywhere I went.

As an adult, things were a lot different.  In fact, there were very few times when I broke anything and for a time I thought that I had finally solved my issues with property damage.

But I was wrong.

You see, I was out playing with my nephews a couple of weeks ago in their backyard when I accidentally hit a baseball through my sister’s window.


Needless to say, I needed to find someone that specialized in windows replacement in Los Angeles to help me repair the problem.  I didn’t know anything about window installation, so I hired some experts to help me out.

They did a wonderful job.

Even though I did break the window, I did learn one valuable lesson: playing baseball in a backyard is never a good idea.

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Marc Norris

Marc Norris is a father of four kids, Mayor of the Conquest, Saskatchewan and an entrepreneur. He also writes about business on his Canadian Business Opportunity blog as well as his personal blog MarcNorris.com.

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