Making a Home Insurance Claim

While I had hoped to never use my home insurance policy, things sometimes happen that are out of your control, but have a big impact on your life.  Most of the time, these events are unexpected and have serious repercussions.

I saw what could happing first-hand this week.

I was over at my aunt’s house early in the week and when I walked into her home, I noticed one thing – it smelled damp and musty.  That was something new that I had not smelled before, but I dismissed it right away.  But as time wore on, I couldn’t help but feel a nagging sensation that something wasn’t quite right.

I asked my aunt if I could investigate.

After a bit of searching through her house, I discovered some water damage.

It looked like it was still wet.

I quickly realized that there was a problem in the house thanks to a leaking pipe and that my aunt was going to need some help to get the water damage dry out.  I had no idea what to do, so we called a local contractor to help us out.

I’m glad we did.

Once he assessed the damage, we knew that she would have to put in an insurance claim as she was not going to have the money to do the repairs on her own.  They are planning to come do the work early next week – I’m hoping the next time I walk into my aunt’s house that I don’t smell moisture and mildew ever again.

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Admiring Homes in Montros

From time to time I take my car out for a drive.  I don’t go to look at scenery or landmarks, but rather I love to drive through different neighbourhoods around the country.  I am looking homes to see what styles of windows they use, how they groom their yards, and to see what I like and hate about each property I look at.  Looking at them from an objective point of view helps me to see what adds or detracts from the value of a property and helps with my real estate investing.

I think of it as “market research.”

Today I found myself driving the streets of Montros looking at homes.  While most of the homes were different from one another, I did notice one thing: there were a lot of houses with Milgard aluminum windows in Montros.  I noticed that it was more than a coincidence, so I decided to drive over to a home improvement store to see why people had this style of windows.

After speaking to a store clerk, I learned that the decision to have one style and brand of windows in the area was governed by two things: quality and price.

It made a lot of sense.

I am going to take the rest of the day to tour around a few more neighborhoods to get a lay of the land.  I think that I might invest in some rental properties in this area someday.

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Cooking Turkey this Weekend

Cooked Turkey

Thanksgiving weekend is pretty big up here in Canada and I have been preparing for it all week.  From getting the bread ready for the stuffing, to finding the perfect potatoes to mash, getting the meal together has been a lot of work.  We are having nearly thirty people over for supper on Sunday and I want to make sure that everything is perfect.

One of my biggest challenges has been staying clean.  I am not the tidiest cook in the world, and I have been known to make a pretty big mess in the kitchen.  I have managed to ruin clothes over the years as well, so I try to be more careful than I have in the past.  Actually, I can thank my mother for the present of kitchen aprons last Christmas for making a big change in my life – I never realized how essential an apron is while you are working in the kitchen.

I never cook without one on now.

But enough about what I wear while cooking – I still have a lot of preparations to do before dinner will be ready on Sunday.  I think I’ll be spending the better part of tomorrow cleaning the house.

I think that it will be nice when this weekend is over.

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