Productive Morning of Shopping

I love being thrifty.  I suppose that I get my “thriftiness” from my mother’s side of the family, and while I don’t clip coupons like she did, I do get excited every time that I find a good deal.  Paying less for everything from some new groomers aprons to getting some fresh vegetables at half price puts a smile on my face and in many ways I make a game of it.

I always try to get as much as I can for every dollar that I spend.

I know that some of you skeptics out there will argue that my time is wasted while I hunt for these deals, but I look at it as an investment: the more I look, the more I save, and the more that I will have tucked away for a rainy day.

It just makes good financial sense to me.

This morning was one of those productive days where I came home with a number of deals tucked away safely in my reusable shopping bags.  I only visited a handful of stores and was able to bring home some steak for supper, some new clothes and even a baby outfit for my good friend Jill.

I couldn’t help but smile – I still had money in my wallet.

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Cutting Down on Energy Costs

One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to work on reducing our expenses in order to increase our savings rate.  I was hoping to be able to put away about 25% of the money that I bring home this year, but it is going to take some work to change how we spend our money.  Instead of getting another job or starting a new business, I felt that cutting costs would be the first place to start where I might be able to get some traction.

In our case, our biggest expenditure is power.  Every year our electricity bill has climbed up and there are days when I look at the bill and I cannot believe that we use so much electricity.  I suppose that living in air conditioned comfort comes at a cost, but I figured there were some opportunities for us to reduce our consumption or reduce the amount that we need to use the AC on a daily basis.

I went and spoke with a company that specialized in energy saving Los Angeles to get some tips and tricks as to what I could change to make a real difference on our monthly bills.  I wanted to learn from the experts and that is exactly what I did.

We are going to replace the remainder of our old windows with new energy efficient ones and spend some money on a programmable thermostat.  I am going to monitor our monthly bills for the next few months to measure the savings.

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Fixing Our Mold Problem

There is nothing worse than coming home to a disaster.  We decided to go away for Christmas and were gone for a little more than a week.  At some point during that week a waterline in our home sprung a leak.  We don’t know how long it was leaking for, but in the end, we ended up with a moldy bathroom and a big mess on the main floor of our home.

I was not happy at all.

I knew full-well that I wasn’t going to be able to deal with the issue on my own, so I contacted a company that specialized in mold remediation Los Angeles to come assess the situation and give us options.  It needed to be fixed as soon as possible and I was pleasantly surprised when a technician showed up a mere forty minutes after my initial phone call.

Their prompt response made me happy (or at least as happy as someone dealing with this kind of situation) and while there is some work ahead, at least I can see that we will be done with this situation soon.

The next time we go away we will get someone to check-in on the house for us – I hope that we never have to deal with a situation like this again.

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