Discovering Photography

For most of my life, I had been envious of photographers.  They always seemed to be able to capture moments better than I ever could with a camera.  I don’t know if I just lacked the skills to be able to use a camera effectively, but whatever the case, I really have never done a great job with a camera.

So, I decided to enroll myself in a photography class over at the community college.  The price was right and I thought it would help me to finally be able to use my digital camera in some sort of effective manner.

Now, after just a couple of weeks, I can really see that my skills have improved quite a bit and I look forward to seeing how I end up being with this camera when I am done my course.

Check out some of the pictures below:

fall OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         swan

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Playing Zombicide with Friends

zombicideOne of the things that I am guilty of is being a fan of anything related to zombies.  I dress up as one every year for Halloween, play all the video games I can related to them including Dead Island and Left 4 Dead, and watch The Walking Dead.  But lately I have had a new passtime – I have been playing Zombicide.

If you are not familiar with the game, it is a zombie survival game for up to six players.  It has been a blast to play and most of the scenarios we don’t even make it out alive.  It has been challenging to say the least, but fun – hopefully the zombie apocalypse never really comes.

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Waking up to a Leaking Roof

While most mornings are uneventful, today was another story. You see, when I woke up this morning, it wasn’t because of my alarm clock, but rather because of the water dripping on my face. If you’ve ever been woken up this way, you’ll know it’s a rude awakening. After I leapt out of the bed, I took a peek out the window and noticed that it was raining. It was also windy.

I put my clothes and coat on, headed outside and hoped that I would be able to figure out what the problem was. As entered the backyard, I could see what the problem was: a number shingles had blown off the roof to reveal rotten wood underneath. The water from the rain was leaking through the rotten roof into the house.

Definitely not what I wanted to see.

So I dug out my ladder, grabbed a tarp that was in the garage, the staple gun and I headed up to repair the roof. 10 min. later I had a temporary fix in place and felt confident that the roof would quit leaking. I will have to wait until the rain stops before I can get up there and fix it properly.

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