Changing Out our Windows

This past year has consisted of a lot of changes in our household.  We have been working to renovate our home to make it more energy efficient.  This has meant replacing our old furnace and air conditioner, replacing our doors and installing some extra insulation.

One of the things that we left for last was the windows.  While the effect of replacing the old windows on our home was going to be greater than many of the renovations we were doing, windows were the one thing that we were not going to do on our own.  I didn’t have the skills to do the work on my own, and honestly, it was one of those things that I didn’t want to attempt doing myself.

So we looked for a company that specialized in replacement windows in Los Angeles.  We looked at many companies and we were looking for great price, reviews and expertise in the area.  After talking to some of them, we decided to work with Intex Windows as they were a good fit for our needs.

They came out to take measurements of our home and the next day they came to install the windows.  They worked quickly and efficiently just like you would expect from experts and they had our home done in no time.

The new windows look great on the house and I can’t wait to see the difference they will make on our energy bill.

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Working on our Latest Flip

We have been buying and selling houses for years to flip them.  Most of the time, we have done the work on our own with the intention of adding more money to our retirement fund.  Most of these projects have been profitable and easy, but every once in awhile, you end up picking up a property that has some issue that you can’t handle on your own.

Which is exactly where we are with the current house we are working on.

You see, this house was for sale well below market value, and we didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity.  So, we forego the option of having it inspected, and our offer was accepted right away.

We should have saw this as a red flag.

Once we were in the home, we realized that there were some real issues with it.  The most notable was that there was some water damage down in the basement.  Speaking with the neighbors, we learned that there had been some flooding of the basements on the block due to the sewer backing up.

The damage was more than we could handle on our own.

Since the issues were over our heads, we decided to handle some water damage restoration specialists to do the work.  We wanted to make sure that the repairs were done properly as the house was going to be somebody’s home.  They were wonderful to work with and they were able to get the home repaired in a short amount of time. 

We will definitely work with them again in the future if we run into any other properties with water damage.

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Discovering Photography

For most of my life, I had been envious of photographers.  They always seemed to be able to capture moments better than I ever could with a camera.  I don’t know if I just lacked the skills to be able to use a camera effectively, but whatever the case, I really have never done a great job with a camera.

So, I decided to enroll myself in a photography class over at the community college.  The price was right and I thought it would help me to finally be able to use my digital camera in some sort of effective manner.

Now, after just a couple of weeks, I can really see that my skills have improved quite a bit and I look forward to seeing how I end up being with this camera when I am done my course.

Check out some of the pictures below:

fall OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         swan

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